Grup Mixtour



Grup Mixtour - Dance!

Grup Mixtour – Dance! © Marta Ortells

Grup Mixtour presents a new staged show including live music and dance. This musical journey is also a time journey which combines baroque and contemporary dances. Gavotte? bossa-nova? mambo? minuetto? Would the old and dusty white wigs waggle along their baroque rhythms as much as we do with those of disco trance?

Grup Mixtour is a collective of young musicians committed to renew the classical/contemporary music concert tradition under a sincere, refreshing and uninhibited approach. Our shows mix pieces of different styles around an overall idea: homage a Franz Liszt (Liszt Tour Anniversaire), toys sound (Toys & Tierkreis)…

As a consequence of the success achieved in our previous projects Liszt Tour Anniversary (Teatros del Canal) and  Toys & Tierkreis (ENSEMS 2012), we are proud to present our third project entitled Dance! Dance and movement are the focal elements which have structured this programme, including pieces by F. Couperin, F. Coll and A. Borredà.

We display three different forces on stage:

– Ensemble Grup Mixtour with period instruments: XVIII century music

– Ensemble Grup Mixtour with modern instruments: XXI century music.

-Dancers from Valencia Dance Conservatoire.

The multidisciplinary abilities at Grup Mixtour are essential to form our period instruments ensemble to perform dance music from baroque masterpiece Les Nations by Couperin, which collects all the French dance movements on a dance suite.

Grup Mixtour will perform a very contrasting set of current XXI century music. The other two pieces on the programme were not intended for dancing originally, but possess a rich rhythm and therefore dance and movement suit them perfectly. Dancers are a perfect link and translate visually the movement from two distant aesthetical worlds.


 – François Couperin: Les Nations, L´espagnole (selection)

 – Francisco Coll: Piedras (s. XXI)

 – François Couperin: Les Nations, L´imperiale (selection) (XVIII century)

– Adrián Borredà: Suite de Danzas, electronics and ensemble  (XXI century)

 – François Couperin: Les Nations, La Françoise  (selection) (XVIII century)