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Víctor Trescolí

Víctor Trescolí © Clara Muñoz

Víctor Trescolí © Clara Muñoz

Víctor Trescolí Sanz is a pianist with a special interest in presenting contemporary works alongside traditional repertoire. After his studies in Spain he moved to the Netherlands to follow his carrer doing a Master in music by Conservatorium van Amsterdam (CVA) and Master by Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). Among his teachers are Brenno Ambrosini, David Kuyken, Hakon Austbo and Ralph van Raat.  Awarded by Jaques Vonk Foundation (the Netherlands) and by IVM (Instituto Valenciano de la Música) and Spanish government to follow his studies, first price in Chamber music competition (Academia Valenciana de la Música) with Art! Trio. In adittion to solo recitals, Víctor enjoyed collaboration with Avlitria Ensemble, CVA- New muziek ensemble (Harry Sparnaay), Alart quartet, Sorolla ensemble, he has a duo with pianista Xavier Torres. Victor research presents a variety of studies, which are about “Dies Irae in Rachmaninov”, an interpretation studie of Mompou’s Música Callada (“SILENT MUSIC: Federico Mompou’s Música Callada”. CVA Research Symposium 2010, Holanda), “Toy piano, juguete e intrumento” (research about history, interpretation and repertoire for Toy piano), Not a Toy (Keyboard music by Karlheinz Essl), today he is joining an UPV doctorate programm in contemporary music.