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Liszt Tour Aniversario

Grup Mixtour - Liszt Tour Aniversario

Grup Mixtour – Liszt Tour Aniversario © Hanna

Franz Liszt stands out as one of the most influential composers in the XIX century: his language inspired the music of many composers on the XX century. We celebrate the 200th anniversary of his birth in 2011 and our proposal is to combine music by F. Liszt and current music.

Grup MixTour has commissioned three new pieces based on piano music by Liszt Sought-after young composers Carlos Ciceri (Italy), Heera Kim (Korea) and Adrián Borredà have consequently rewritten three masterpieces for ensemble.

Liszt Tour Anniversary presents original music by Liszt for piano, the rewritten pieces for ensemble and other pieces by our three featured young composers. We therefore want to highlight the relevance of Liszt on later composers. Ciceri, Kim and Borredà display a language of their own that can be approached as a result of Liszt´s artistic legacy.


H. Kim – Pan (Ensemble)

F.Liszt/Kim – Schlaflos! Frage und Antwort (rewritten by H. Kim)

F. Liszt – Schlaflos! Frage und Antwort (piano/original)

A. Borredà – Hombre que mira a las estrellas (ensemble and electronics)


F.Liszt – Nuages gris (piano/original)

F. Liszt – Nuages gris (rewritten by Carlo Ciceri)

F. Liszt/A. Borredà – Totentanz (orchestrated by A. Borredà)