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Toys & Tierkreis

Grup Mixtour - Toys & Tierkreis

Grup Mixtour – Toys & Tierkreis © Marta Ortells

Grup Mixtour´s new project is based on toys as musical instruments on the one hand and on Stockhausen´s Tierkreis on the other hand. Why toys?! Toys revive the child in us and therefore we think of them as something close and distant at the same time. Furthermore, putting toys and musical instrument together brings lots of contradictions: naïve and grotesque, the comicality of adults making music on strikingly small devices…

Tierkreis is a piece based on 12 melodies representing the zodiac signs. This programme is structured around these two ideas (toys and Tierkreis) to offer a fun and mysterious staged show. The programme has been thoroughly crafted to ensure fluency and coherence in between pieces, as theatre elements will draw the attention of the listeners.


In C, T. Riley 15-20’ (tutti 8 players + toy piano)

Maigres Bêtes de la Nuit, L. Durupt 11′ (piccolo flute and percussion)

Homenaje a R. Schumann, G. Kurtag 10´(clarinet, viola and piano)

Nebenstück, G. Pesson  8′ (string quartet and clarinet)

Tierkreis – Parade, K. Stockhausen/ Adrián Borredà 30′ (tutti 8 players + toy piano)